There's an issue with input focus that I don't have time to figure out. If you can't move, please click on the black border to the left or right  of the game viewport.

Made for the 2018 gmtk jam. The theme was "GENRE but you can't MECHANIC."

I went with  "A shooter where you can't reload",  the idea being that you have to constantly loot new guns off your enemies as you only get a few bullets in each before running dry. You can also throw your empty guns at enemies, which ended up being quite overpowered.

Had some trouble getting the hang of the game engine I decided to try, but I did at least manage to get the full gameplay loop and a basic implementation of all the mechanics in. I would have liked to put in a larger variety of guns, as well as injected a bit more juice.

Engine library used:


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Shooting isn't even required in this game: Just chuck your gun at an enemy to insta-kill them, pick up their weapon, and repeat.


The controls aren't working... Tried on 2 browsers.


WASD controls are not working ;((( I use previous version of Chrome on mac os

A good starting point for a simple, Hotline-Miami-esque shooter. Check out my reactions below: 

I really like the concept. I did find I was dying a lot from not realising my gun was empty. It needs some visual/audial feedback on that.

Do thrown guns always kill enemies? Perhaps they could just stun instead?